Welcome to Sitevice.com and congratulations on knowing that the accessible web is important! Here is a little about us, why we created tis site and who it’s for.

Accessible Web Design For All

Why Sitevice?

We chose the name site vice because VAIS in old French & Latin means “in place of”. We aim to help you create design elements that can be used “in place of” inaccessible elements that may exist.

Who is Sitevice for?

The information on this site is intended for web designers, web coders and managers of websites. We also hope that business managers will gain some insight from our blog and understand why they should be crating accessible web content across their business.

Best Practices

We will aim to write about all the latest best practices in accessible web design. Best practices change frequently. What was good for one era is not always good for another as people gain more knowledge and insight into what works and what does not. Keep coming back here for the latest information on accessible web design best practice.

Split Testing

We think that testing is a very important part of the modern internet and we advocate split and multivariate testing at all times when deciding what should be changed on a website. We will blog about testing and provide links to useful resources on this essential practice.


If you would like to contact us for any reason then please go ahead and use the contact page to find out how to do this. We also exist on Twitter and Facebook, so please do follow us!

All the best

The Sitevice.com team