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So first of all, you probably arrived here because you are looking for information on web accessibility. That’s great news! You understand the importance of creating a website that everyone can access.

We aim to help you by informing  and entertaining about accessible web design and it’s related topics. And make no mistake, this is a very broad topic that covers many areas. Many of these areas are not at the top of web designers minds when they create a new website.

Most people suffer with some kind of impairment at some point in their lives. Disability and impairment is a normal part of life and we should be aware enough cater for that when building websites or apps.

Please do go ahead and read our blog pages, all of our articles on accessibility and related subjects are there.

Busting the myths

We see part of our job here at sitevice.com as breaking down barriers among the web design community. Not understanding something or being ignorant of it is a kind of cognitive impairment itself. So let’s remember that accessibility s not always all about “the disabled”.

It may be that your mobile users bounce from the site in huge numbers, or that a certain demographic consistently fails to purchase from your eCommerce store. Many of these issues can be solved by careful attention to accessibility.

How about the user registration form on your web store? It’s often one  of the most neglected yet important parts of an online shop. How easy is it to fill out, make mistakes with and recover from the mistakes? Check the dropout rate at user the registration stage and then see if accessible web design will help.

Accesible Web Design For All

Offering a helping hand

We aim to help, so if you see anything on Sitevice.com that you would like more information on, or would like clarification or improved information then please go ahead and contact us.

If we do not adhere to accessible best practices ourselves then we cannot be a good example to the rest of the world. So please hold us to a high standard. If you cannot access any parts this website, for whatever reason then please do let us know!

Increasing user engagement

Higher levels of engagement lead to more conversions. Whatever your key website metrics are, a more accessible website will lead to better numbers. There is no doubt that more engaged users lead to more purchases, lead conversions and the like, so let’s not exclude large parts of  your potential customer base by not catering for some small adjustments that they might need in your web pages!

The business case for accessibility

What’s next?

Use the information on this website to produce a business case at work. Gain budget for making your websites and apps accessible. Inform your boss how it will lead to greater conversions. Often company managers look at numbers without understanding why they are not to their liking. They may not want to analyze the reasons for low conversions, or at least the historical decisions they made that got them to where they are now.

Look forward, do not accuse anyone of making bad decisions in the past but show them how they can help improve their numbers by paying more attention to those customers that cannot access your web site as best they might.

Do you provide a ramp in your office for wheelchair users? So let’s go ahead and provide that same ramp for people who would like to become your customers on the web!

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