Things to consider before starting your crowdfunding campaign

Things to consider before starting your crowdfunding campaign

7 Things to Consider BEFORE you Launch your Kick...

Beginner's Guide to Landing Pages

Beginner's Guide to Landing Pages

A well-designed landing page can greatly incr...


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Very nice guy. Professional. Responsible. Would work with him again -- Adam W (Exchange Skills and Products For Unused Hotel Inventory)

Ted knows his stuff when it comes to website design and internet marketing. If I ever needed website design and SEO, he's my go to guy. Always on time! -- Adam Ben-evi (CEO at IMH)

Ted is a very capable web designer with an extensive knowledge and experience in search engine optimization and marketing, I would undoubtedly recommend Ted's skills. -A Jaabaq (Data Analyst - Project Manager - Co-ordinator)

As one CEO to another, I cannot say enough regarding his concern and needs of his clients on a one on one basis along with running a company and taking care of concerns and sugestions from his employees. I have instructed my CTI to see how Ted's company will fit into our profile. It is my pleasure to recommend Ted and his company to anyone that would need a service as Ted's. -Michael.H.Garfield (Managing Member / Chairman at GME, LLC)

Ted, has provided actionable advice and analysis that is reflected in our ROI. We intend to use Ted in the future, based on the results of the past. - Joseph Terp (Video Merge)

Ted is the type that truly cares about his clients, consultants with them and will go the extra step to do the best job possible for them. Its great to have a fellow business acquaintance that loves building relationships as much as I do! -Aggi K (Media Marketing Manager at INI Productions)

Very honest hard working individuals, with vision that is both creative and functional. I lean on them for solutions to technical problems. Ted shows great leadership ability, along with the Characteristic of being a great team player. -Barbara Burgis (HR Project Management at CBA)